Jerome Newton and the Band Who Fell to Earth is a band that focuses on music Bowie’s entire career. We include not only the well-known songs, but an ever-evolving selection of deep cuts - please see our repertoire page. Our sets range from a "greatest hits" collection, to our full-evening "Brixton to Blackstar" retrospective. We also do shows around specific themes, such as our full recreation of the final Ziggy Hammersmith concert, or our glam-rock homage that featured music from Bowie's peers alongside hits from the Starman himself. Rather than attempting to do spot-on cover versions, we like to put our own spin on some of the arrangements.

The story so far:

One night in 2012, a bunch of artsy, musician types were hanging out, discussing why they would never ever, play cover songs. Inevitably the subject turned to what exceptions might be made to this rule. Keyboardist Allen Welty-Green (veteran of various prog & art rock bands) said he might consider playing something like Bowie - “you know, something that doesn’t suck!” Someone else said “my roommate Joe Sikes (formerly of glammy electronica acts ODK and The Fabric) loves Bowie”. Soon the two of them got together, tried a few things out and said “what the hell, let’s make a band.” We assembled a dream-team of musicians, and began our journey into the world of Bowie.

Our current line-up is:

  • Joe Sikes aka Joey Bowie vocals
  • The Chameleon Queen Meredith Greer vocals and percussion
  • Joe "Nebula" Monticello guitar and vocals
  • Allen "Dr. Z" Welty-Green keyboards
  • Captain Steve Weikle sax and flute
  • Jeff Tyson aka Lord Charles Kinbote bass and vocals
  • Jim "Cat Gut" Dunn drums

With a body of work as rich and diverse as Bowie's, and with as large of a fan base as Bowie has, Jerome Newton and the Band Who Fell to Earth will be sharing their appreciation on stages in Atlanta and beyond for years to come.

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